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Cell SiteTransceiver
Embedded486 Computer
PortableMicro Terminal
Encased Black& White Composite CCD camera
Color CCDCamera
Point ofSale Bank Terminal
USMade Micronics 486 VLB All In One
6"Composite Miniature Color Display
Sony MiniatureColor LCD Display
RemoteControl Unit
Encased SpreadSpectrum RF Modem

57 WATT UPS SUPPLY $29.00 or 2 for $49.00
(Comes with 12 Volt @ 2.2 amp battery)

Unit designed to provide uninterrupted DC power in the event of loss of the primary 110 / 220 VAC supply. It utilizes a 12 V sealed lead acid battery as a source of power until the AC supply can be restored. It is a versatile unit which can be used in a number of different applications. The outputs are +5 VDC @ 6.5 A, + 3.3 VDC @ 2.5 A, +12 VDC @ .8 A, -12 VDC @ .5 A, and a battery charging output of 12 VDC @ 10 A. The DC outputs are terminated in in-line connectors which interface with standard motherboard and drive connectors. Possible applications include: Robotics, scientific sensing and recording, Linux devices attached to Ethernet or Internet links, etc...

  • The unit is small enough (2 x 3.5 x 8.5) to be contained in a standard PC enclosure, in place of the regular power supply - interfacing directly with the motherboard - providing an uninterruptable power supply
  • It can function as a DC - DC power supply furnishing multiple outputs using a 12 VDC input.
  • The 10 Amp, 12 VDC out put can be used as a battery charger with any AC input from 100 -240 V
  • The unit is a versatile 57 watt DC power supply providing +5 and 3.3 VDC as well as +/- 12 VDC.

Cell Site Transceiver $19.00 or 2 for $29.00

These transceivers were designed for operation in an AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) cell site. The 20 MHz bandwidth of the transceiver allows it to operate on all 666 channels allocated. The transmit channels are 870.030-889.980 MHz with the receive channels 45 MHz below those frequencies. A digital synthesizer is utilized to generate the selected frequency. Each unit contains two independent receivers to demodulate voice and data with a Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) circuit to select the one with the best signal strength. The transmitter provides a 1.5 watt modulated signal to drive an external power amplifier. Channel selection is accomplished with a 10 bit binary input via a connector on the back panel. Other interface requirements for operation are 26 VDC (unregulated) and an 18.990 MHz reference frequency for the digital synthesizer. The units contain independent boards for receivers, exciter, synthesizer, tunable front end, and interface assembly (which includes power supplies and voltage - controlled oscillator). Service manual, schematics and circuit descriptions included.

Embedded 486 Computer $69.00 or 2 for $149.00

Complete enhanced Intel 486SX-33 based computer in ultra small (9-7/8L x 6-5/8W x 3-1/8H)case, Ideal for embedded operations or as a second computer.

    Features include:
  • One 16bit ISA slot
  • 3 serial ports
  • Dedicated printer port
  • Parallel optical coupled adapter port
  • Built in IBM PC/AT keyboard port
  • On board VGA video and port
  • Uses standard SIMM up to 32 MB
  • BIOS is PC/AT compatible

Unit has a backup Ni-Cd battery system in case of power failure (5 min backup time) and lockable front cover to prevent floppy drive access, mounting/ interface provisions for standard 3.5" laptop floppy and 2.5 inch hard drive. Comes with very comprehensive manual.

Portable Micro Terminal $99.00 or 2 for $149.00

  • Flip up LCD display (9-16 VDC)
  • Can communicate with any computer having RS 232 port
  • Can communicate with another Microterminal
  • Use by itself as electronic notebook
  • Onboard microprocessor, data RAM (32K) and Video RAM (64K)
  • Complex built in diagnostics and set up capabilities
  • Original intention for POS applications
  • Display size 40 x16 (256 x 128 pixels)
  • Dimensions: 6.3" W, 11" L, 2" H. (With LCD up height is 7.1").

Encased Black & White Composite CCD camera w/ adapter  SOLD OUT

IR viewing to 1000 NM 7 1/2 L x 2 7/8 W x 1 3/4 H . Comes complete with CCD camera, mounting nut on bottom of casing, 12V DC power supply. Excellent low light capability, standard RCA NTSC Video out. Great for entryway security/ remote monitoring/ video conferencing/ desktop video conferencing. This miniature camera is perfect for multi media computer applications as well as security and surveillance. NTSC output allows use with all popular video digitizing boards for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft video for Windows. Connects directly to any composite monitor or VCR with "video" input. It is razor sharp wide angle lens focuses from two inches to infinity and its state-of-the art CCD technology accurately captures 16 level grayscale images for Quick Time movies and still pictures. Records at 30 frames per second and 260 lines resolution with excellent low-light capability. Uses 12 VDC (adapter supplied) and standard RCA cable.

Color CCD Camera- SOLD OUT

  • 12 VDC
  • Printer 16 column Dot Matrix - Epson
  • 1/3 inch, CCD area image sensor
  • 514 (horizontal) X 491 (vertical)
  • 2:1 interlaced
  • 15.734 kHz (horizontal)
  • 59.94 Hz (vertical)
  • 330 horizontal and 350 vertical lines
  • Lens: 1/3 inch fixed focus (f.2.8 f.5.6)
  • Dimensions:(w)67 (2.63) x (h) 34 (1.45) x (d) 112.6 (4.43)

Point of Sale Bank Terminal- SOLD OUT

  • LCD Display 20 characters x 4 lines
  • Printer 16 column Dot Matrix - Epson
  • 24 key domed membrane keypad
  • Intel 8OC32 Processor
  • 2 PCMCIA Sockets (ICC slots)
  • Dallas DS1287 realtime clock
  • 2 solid state buzzers (Piezo Electric)
  • 4 crystals, Rockwell modem chip
  • Dimensions:9 1/2L x 6 1/4W x 2 1/2D
  • Telephone line interface (4 pin RJ Connector)(RS 232 interface (8 pin RJ Connector)
  • NI CAD Battery pack inside

Note: We have not been able to bypass an access code in the software. Thus, while time of day and other introductory things are displayed on LCD, the full original capabilities of this unit can not be guaranteed. Also, we do not have a source for the smart cards that were to go in the PCMCIA sockets. Requires 12 volt adapter for power (not included). Original price $450.00

Camera Block $99.00 or 2 for $169. SOLD OUT

Unit is for Hi Band 8mm CamCorders, includes 8x zoom lenes, D/D Convertor, Built in CCD 2/3 in, 420 thousand picture elements, complementary mosaic filters. Excellent performance, high resolution, high sensitivity, low lag, low smear, good color reproduction, no distortion, 1/60 - 1/10000 sec variable speed digital shutter. TTL auto focus, auto white balance, one push auto white balance, auto/manual iris and gain up switch. Can be controlled by a 4bit micro computer. Remote controlling is possible for zoom and focusing. Note: We have Composite or PAL (European Standard) Units. MFR: Sony

US Made Micronics 486 VLB All In One $15.00 or 2 for $19.00

  • Motherboard supports 3.4 or 5v CPU at either 25 or 33 mhz basic clock
  • Can use AMD or Intel from 4865x25 thru 4866DX4-100 to Hot new AMD 5x86-133 CPU
  • On Board 2 serial ports, printer port, floppy and IDE hard drive controller
  • On Board 256k cache
  • Use 72 pin simm merory
  • VLB riser board encluded with motherboard
  • Board will not fit standard All in One case because of non standard location of riser board.

6" Composite Miniature Color Display $99.00
  • Fully encased. Dim 1.3" x 1.3" x 4" 12 Volt DC power
  • NTSC signal
  • 250 H x 300 V resolution
  • Focus adjustable eyepiece
  • Applications included camcorder, viewfinder, helmet mounted display
  • Original cost over $600.00

Sony Miniature Color LCD Display (LCX005BKB) $29.00
  • 1.4 CM (0.55 inch)Diagonal Full Color Display
  • Built in horizontal and vertical drivers
  • Delta Dot Pattern for High Picture Quality
  • 537 dots (H) x 222 dots (V)
  • Compatiable with NTSC & PAL format and Sync Inputs
  • 12 VDC Operation with -1 to +17 V RGB Signal and Driver Input Voltage
  • Excellent display for virtual reality projects
  • Viewfinder and Miniature Test Equipment Displays
  • Pin Outs and Specifications Included
  • Unit requires a clock, Synchronization and Video

Encased Spread Spectrum RF Modem $99.00

The ProxLink Radio Module is a small communication device which replaces cables between RS-232 devices with wireless RF (Radio Frequency) technology. Attaching a pair of ProxLinks to any two devices with three wire asynchronous RS-232 ports allows wireless data transmittal at rates up to 19.2 Kbaud (full duplex) over a range of 500 - 800 feet. Modules use 900 MZ spread spectrum radio for communication which does not require an FCC site license. A variety of configuration information (radio channel, baud rate, serial port configuration, etc.) can be programmed into module's non-volatile memory by host PC to provide compatibility and avoid overlapping systems.Configuration changes are supported by menu driven, on-board software. Commonly used Terminal Emulation software and transfer protocols can be used for configuring modules and transferring data between computers. ProxLinks require only 6-9 VDC (350 mA), RS-232 (9 pip sub - D) interface, and small (~4") whip antenna for operation. Unit size is 4.0" x 6.5" x 0.75". Installation schematics and application details available.

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